One of my duty at Ihecs, is to deploy and maintain a network of about 130 iMacs. That's why I've studied and passed the Apple Certified Technical Coordinator (ACTC) certification in january 2013. This certification demontrates my knowledge and expertise on Apple OSX Mountain Lion and Mountain Lion Server.

Apple Certified Support profesional 10.6 and 10.8

ACSP 10.8 badge The Certified support profesional certification demonstrates my knowledge experience and expertise of Mac os X Mountain Lion (10.8) client computers. My tasks as an ACSP includes the following

  • Installing and configuring Mac OS X Mountain Lion systems
  • Seting up, managing and troubleshooting local user accounts
  • Setting up, troubleshoot and manage the Mac os X fils system
  • Managing Mac os X data. This include external storage and Time Machine backups
  • Configuring and troubleshoot network services and configuration

This is the entry level certification for every Mac OS X certified profesional. Note that I'm also certified on Mac os X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

Apple Certified Technical Coordinator 10.8

Apple Certified Technical Coordinator 10.8 badgeThe ACTC certification is the advanced level of certification for every Apple certified Profesional. It demonstrates my knowledge, experience and expertise of MAc os X Mountain Lion Server. Powerful yet streamlined, OS X Server makes it easier than ever for the people in your organization to collaborate, communicate, and share information.Mac os X mountain Lion and Mac OS X server offer a wide range of powerful features to power your business. As an Apple Certified Technical Coordinator, I can provide a wide range of Apple-related services in a corporate environment. 

  • OS X Lion Server IconDesign and implement an Apple Network
  • Installation and setup of a Mac OS X Server
  • Integrate a Mac network in a Windows (active directory) environment
  • Design and implement an automatic deployent strategy using Mac os X NetInstall server and Deploy Studio
  • Setting up File Sharing between Macs, iPads and Windows computers
  • Creating a secure VPN service for your company
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) using the MAc osX Profile Manager
  • Setting up collaboration services such a Calendar server, a Contact Server and a Wiki Server
  • Providing directory services for Authentication using the Open Directory server, or the Windows Active Directory service
  • etc...

Mac os X infrastructure in your company

Mac lab at IhecsThis image depicts a small portion of the Mac computer lab I deployed at Ihecs. The Mac network is composed of approximately 130 iMacs of various models, one Mac mini Mountain Lion Server and a synology NAS workstation for storage. The Mac network is fully integrated into the Windows Active Directory domain of the school, so that the students use the same credentials on any Windows or Mac computer lab. The students even have a single home directory for both Mac and Windows, so a file saved in their "My Document" folder on a Windows machine is available on the Mac and vice versa. The entire network is deployed automatically using the open source Deploy Studio solution.

Image Credit © Thierry Maroit 2013

Mac os X mountain Lion and Mac os X Mountain Lion server are packed with all the needed features to ake your corporate network run smoothly. Don't hasitate to contact me should you need any Apple Mac os X related service.