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Yesterday, Packt publishing has released my book “Mastering Adobe Captivate 6”.  In this post, I’d like to talk a bit more about the book and to share my thoughts on the writing process which has been an amazing adventure, full of surprises, hard work an great encounters. See the official page on the Packt Publishing website for other info about the book and ordering information

About my book "Mastering Adobe Captivate 6"

My book is a self training tutorial.  It drives you through the making of 4 Captivate projects.  These projects are designed to showcase virtually every single feature of Captivate 6.  Let’s review these projects together.

The Adobe Media Encoder Demonstration

This first sample project is a typical Captivate demonstration.  It showcases most of the standard Captivate objects as well as the new Pretest feature of Captivate 6.  Don’t hesitate to view to project 2 times and make sure you pass the pretest one time and fail it the other time, so that you can experiment Branching with the Pretest.

Click on the image to see the Adobe Media Encoder Demonstration sample project
Click on the image to see the Adobe Media Encoder Demonstration sample project

The Adobe Media Encoder simulation

This second project is the above demonstration, but transformed into an interactive simulation.  It showcases pretty much the same objects as the previous sample project, but introduces the interactive objects of Captivate as wee as the Branching concept.

Click on the above picture to see the Adobe Media Encoder Simulation sample project
Click on the above picture to see the Adobe Media Encoder Simulation sample project

The Adobe Media Encoder Video

This third sample project is yet another version of the Media Encoder project.  It uses the new Video Demo Capture mode and tries to showcase most of the features of this new Capture mode of Captivate 6.

Driving In Belgium

The last sample project is very different from the other ones.  First it does not teach software-related skills.  All the slides of this project has been created in Captivate or imported from PowerPoint.  This project also includes a quiz with a random question slide as well as some advanced actions, variables and widgets.

Click on the above image to see Driving In Belgium sample project
Click on the above image to see Driving In Belgium sample project

The amazing power of the community

Being a Captivate Certified instructor for quite a few years, I did have many occasions to take advantage of the Captivate community mainly by reading blog posts and forum replies.  That being said, I did not get involved myself in the community. But during the writing process everything changed!  First, I realized that without the knowledge sharing of the community, I would never have been able to master Captivate and to write such a book.  I decided that it was time for me to give back to the community what I received during the years.

Meet the community

I had this idea to introduce one key member of the Captivate and eLearning community to the reader at the end of each chapter in a section that I decided to call “Meet the community”. I decided to contact what I considered to be the 11 most influentials individuals of the community when it comes to learning Captivate asking them if I could mention them in my book.  Their reaction were very enthusiastic and I had a lot of support from them.

The best discovery.

Now that the book has been released, I can look back on the project and say that the Captivate community has been the best discovery I have made during the writing process.  I came to realize how important it is to share knowledge and experiences with other users.  An active, involved and knowledgable community is a tremendous asset in making Captivate a better product.

Time to get involved.

I also decided that it was time for me to get involved in the community and to give back what I gained from it over the years. So when the writing was over, I decided to put together this blog and start to involve myself in the community.  I hope that my posts, comments and thoughts will help people in using Captivate and will help in making Captivate a better product.


Writing this book is one of the best things that happened to me so far.  I learned some important things by doing it.

  • The tremendous importance of the community.  It is the community that helped me master Captivate over the years and it is the community that gave me a lot of support during the writing.  It is just so natural for me now to write on this blog and get involved.
  • I always thought that doing these amazing things such as writing books were for other, smarter people. I was so wrong! There is more in yourself that what you believe!  If you come across such an opportunity, just go for it!!  You will be amazed by your own capabilities!
  • We are living in an exciting time!  I worked in Belgium, my editors were in India, my reviewers in Australia and in the United States, but it all worked out so smoothly. We are just so fortunate to live in a century that make these things possible.  If we want these tools to last and to keep helping us do amazing things, we must promote the proper use of these technologies that some people accuse of being evil stuff!  When used properly, these tools are incredibly useful and powerful!

Finally, I would like to thank those who live with me on a daily basis. It was not easy for them to see me working insanely late at night for so long!  Not mentioning that we moved to our new house right in the middle of the writing process! Céline, Sophie and Antoine, I just love you...