A few Month ago, Packt Publishing has released a nice video series on Captivate called "Fast Track to Captivate 6". It was made by my good friend Anita Horsley from South Carolina. Last week, I finally had a chance to put my hands on these videos and have a look at Anita's work. In this blog post, I want to share my thoughts on Anita's work with you.

About the Author

Anita Horsley is one of the best Captivater around! Aside for being a great person, she is very knowledgeable about Captivate and very active in the Captivate community. If you have a chance to participate in a Captivate or eLearning-related event, chances are that you 'll have an opportunity to see her in action as she presents at various conferences on a regular basis. 

If you want to know more about her, just watch this episode of eMedia chat with Rick Zanotti and Anita as a guest star!

OK, After viewing this video, I think you know that you are in good hands!

About Fast Track to Adobe Captivate 6

Fast Track to Adobe Captivate 6 is a video series by Pack Publishing. It is composed of 41 short video clips arranged in 8 sections for an approximate running time of a bit less than 3 hours. You can actually see the details of the course content on the Pack Publishing website.

My Review of Fast Track to Adobe Captivate 6 

Anita did a terrific job in explaining the ins-and out of Captivate to the viewer. Here is a list of all the things I liked in this video series.

1) Videos can be downloaded for Offline viewing

Now that is something competitors (such as Linda.com) should seriously think about. For me, being able to see the videos offline is a must as I commute every day from home to work (and return) by train. By downloading the videos, I could follow this Captivate course while commuting in the train, which is an enormous gain of time for me!

2) Works flawlessly with Adobe Captivate 7

Even though the title of this series is "Fast Track to Adobe Captivate 6", this training by Anita works flawlessly with Adobe Captivate 7. Of course, the series does not cover the new features of Captivate 7, but it is not the main intent of it anyway. For a Captivate beginner, It really makes no difference, and this training is a great investment even if you use Captivate 7

3) Lots of room for practice and self exploration

The bundle you download from the Packt website not only contains the videos, but also all the sample files discussed by Anita during the training. This gives you the opportunity to get you hands dirty as you follow along with the videos.

Anita has also done a great job in giving you access to some extra exercises that you can do on your own. I must admit I had some trouble understanding the actual structure of the downloaded package and how to use the exercises, (maybe a more detailed user guide is needed from Pack), but once you get the trick, you can really get some great added value out of the videos doing the exercises.

4) Learn at your own pace

Sometimes the content goes very fast and it can be kind of overwhelming if you are a beginner or if you have no experience with other Adobe applications. But the video format gives you a chance to pause, rewind a resume as you see fit! This makes your learning experience a very personalized experience and, that is a good thing.

5) Anita stresses best practice, shares tips and tricks as well as shortcuts

Typically, there are many different ways to get something done with Captivate, and Anita spends a great deal of time showing you all the alternate methods of doing something and explaining why she uses one method over another.

She also emphasis the proper use of the application by sharing lots of Best Practices and tips&trick with the learner. All in all, this video series not only is a course on Captivate but also a great way to acquire the experience of a renowned Captivate specialist!


Fast Track  to Adobe Captivate 6 will definitely keep its promise: It will get you started with Adobe Captivate in a record time.

Don't get it if

  • You already are a Captivate specialist
  • You are looking for a comprehensive guide on all the features of Adobe Captivate. "Fast track to Adobe Captivate 6" is definitely not comprehensive!
  • You don't care about eLearning (that's obvious)

If you don't fall under, at least, one of the above categories of people, then, "Fast Track to Adobe Captivate 6" will definitively help you get the most out of Captivate.

And... best of all.

The price of this series is only €10.8! with such a price tag... you can't be wrong!

Great Job Anita!

And for everyone else, Welcome to the world of Captivate!