As of today, eLearning is at the heart of  my profesionnal activity. On this page you'll find more information on my activities as a eLearning specialist and about the eLearning services I provide.

eLearning in educational Institutions

Logo IhecsI work full time as a eLearning coordinator at Ihecs, a Brussels-based Higher Dducation school of communication. 

Originally, I was hired as a multimedia teacher in the multimedia department of the school. My job was to teach the basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript to the Bac 2 students and to coach the Master 1 and 2 students on web-related technologies during the making of their final practical examination.

Since 2012, I've been in charge of implementing SAM, (Système D'apprentissage des Médias - French for Media Learning System). SAM is a Moodle-based LMS platform that was originally designed to teach the Adobe Applications to the students. The success of SAM lead to the creation of a full flagged eLearning Department at Ihecs. I'm now the eLearning coordinator of this brand nex department.

My Job description includes

  • Maitaining the current eLearning platforms of the school (SAM - powered by Moodle and Cléo, powered by Claroline)
  • Offering eLearning related services to the staff and faculty of the school. This currently includes the administration of the school's iTunesU page and the Adobe Connect web conferencing system among other things.
  • Researching the most appropriate pedagogical implementation of eLearning.
  • the organization of trainings and information sessions about eLearning related topics and technologies

I also co-teach a course on Managing multimedia assets and techniques in an educational environment.

Adobe Education Leader

Adobe Education Leader BadgeThe Adobe Education Leaders Program highlights the contributions of innovative educators in higher ed and K–12 who are effectively using Adobe tools and applications to promote excellence in the classroom.

I had this very great honor to be recognized by Adobe as an Adobe Education Leader in november of 2012. This status opend me the doors of a very focused and active community. During the last few months I've been able to participate in a Special Interest Group about Mobile Devices in Education with other AELs from around the world. I havealso participated as a speaker in the AEL Summer Instutite in San Jose (CA - USA) injuly 2013 and at the Adobe Digital Media Education Summit in Barcelona in October 2013

You can find out more about the Adobe Education Leader program on the Adobe Website and even visit my AEL profile

Corporate eLearning

Education is not the only industry in which eLearning is important. 

I had the opportunity to particiapte in some corporate eLearning projects for various customers. My tasks as an eLearning specialist in corporate environments include the following

  • Instructional design 
  • Corporate trainings Adobe Captivate for various customers.
  • Development of eLearning solutions using Adobe Captivate and Adobe Presenter
  • Implementation of LMS
  • SCORM and AICC compliance
  • ...

Don't hesitate to contact me should your company need one of the adobe mentionned services

Books and trainings on Adobe Captivate

As an Adobe Certified Instructor on Captivate, I led countless trainings on Captivate for a large number of customers. This include governmental and non-profit organization as well as various corporate customers.

On August 2012, Packt Publishing released my first book on Captivate: "Mastering Adobe Captivate 6".

Talks and researches on eLearning

As an eLearning specialist and Captivate Expert, I get to participate in various educational-related events, special interest groups and researches.

  • Summer 2012 - Participant in the Adobe Digital Media Education Summin in Istanbul (Turkey)
  • Spring 2013 - Participant in a Special Interest Group for Adobe on Mobile Devices in Education
  • Summer 2013 - Speaker in the AEL Summer institure in San Jose (CA- USA)
  • School year 2013-2014 - I'll be representing my school at a Special Interest Group of the French community of Belgium around Techology as a factor of succes in Education
  • Fall 2013 - Participant in the Adobe Digital Media Education Summin in Barcelona (Spain)