Adobe® Dreamweaver® is the industry-leading HTML editor.  Use it to develop professional  web pages, but non only.  With jQuery mobile and Phonegap integrated right into the heart of Dreamweaver, it is easier than ever to develop your native mobile apps for Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and... iOs!

About the course

During this 3 days class you will learn the basics of HTML and CSS.  These two languages are the core technologies that power all the web sites available on Internet.  You will then use the advanced tools and features of Dreamweaver CS6 to produce, test, debug and publish your web pages.


  • Acquire a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.
  • Use Dreamweaver to create, develop, test, debug and publish web pages.
  • Reproduce a page layout in HTML and CSS.
  • Add visual assets and animation to your page.
  • Create links between the pages of your site.
  • Create a simple contact form.
  • Build a dynamic page using PHP

Target audience and prerequisites

This cours is aimed at the beginner in web development. If

  • You've been asked to maintain the website of your company or department, but you don't know anything about web development or HTML.
  • You work in a small company and want to develop and maintain your own website.
  • You are a teacher and want to publish content online with your students.
  • You are a web enthusiast and want to speed up your learning curve

Then, this course is for you!
Experience of the Windows or Macintosh operating system is all it takes to start developing your web pages with Dreamweaver. A good understanding of how a word processor (such as Microsoft Word, Apple Pages or Open Office) works is a plus.


By default, I use Adobe Dreamweaver Classroom in a book which is the official  courseware from Adobe. You can order your copy using the link on the side or I can order it for you and deliver it during the Training.

If requested, I can also create a tailor course to fit your particular needs.

Course outline

  • Customizing Your Workspace           
  • HTML Basics
  • CSS Basics
  • Creating a Page Layout           
  • Working with Cascading Style Sheets           
  • Working with Templates           
  • Working with Text, Lists, and Tables           
  • Working with Images           
  • Working with Navigation           
  • Adding Interactivity and Mobile applications           
  • Working with Web Animation and Video
  • Working with Forms           
  • Working with online data           
  • Building dynamic pages with data           
  • Working with Code


Interested in a Dreamweaver training?  Don't hesitate to contact me for more info.